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Having a person or entire department dedicated to HR means a cost that is not always the most profitable. We are specialists in human team management and we will help you in the necessary processes so that your company continues to grow according to your objectives. In today's job market, every employer faces a different challenge and we are passionate about helping you with this. We are always there for you.

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Are you looking to incorporate qualified talent into your organization? Having the right people is a differential value and a competitive advantage in the market. Don't leave something so important to a hunch. It saves costs in personnel selection, reduces hiring times and has type A professionals, with a success rate of more than 90% in all cases. So that you can dedicate yourself to your company, Highlander finds you the right personnel.

Corporate Recruitment

If you want to develop your employer brand and that candidates choose specifically for your company, you will prefer that an HR expert handle your job offers under the name of your brand. Our in-house staff will publish on your networks and carry out the entire selection process under your brand, including conducting interviews at your facilities. We train all hiring managers in the new hire process.

Assessment Center

In the current ecosystem there are many sources from which candidates come to you. Do you have time to review them? Do you have a method and the experience necessary to identify the most suitable one. Our assessments help clients win critical hires more than 90% of the time. We take the guesswork out of complex hiring decisions and replace it with structure, rigor, robust data, and analytics.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

Companies that are proactive tend to be more successful. With a Talent Acquisition strategy aligned with long-term business goals, it's easier to plan for the need for new staff. Our professionals help you develop a strategic plan so that you are never in a hurry looking for new personnel again.

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  • We know your sector
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We know your sector

Although your company is obviously unique, with so many years of experience, there is no sector or profile that we do not know. This not only makes us understand your needs, but also makes it easier to offer you the solutions you need.

Top service

We know that people management is a key aspect in the development of any company. We are passionate about what we do and we take care of all the details to offer you a close, flexible service and with the expected results.

Professional team

Our technicians are specialized in HR and have worked in several sectors. They know the labor market, the trends and know how to find the best talent that your company needs.